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Top expensive localities in Bengaluru

Bengaluru’s rapid expansion due to the IT boom has extended the city beyond its limits. The adjoining surroundings have changed into busy neighborhoods offering residential choices to many expats who have shifted to Bengaluru looking for better chances. Before listing the poshest localities of Bengaluru, you should first understand what all factors decide the value of a residential area:

Availability of land: Availability of large land parcels for the development of real estate decreases the valuation of property in areas compared to those where land is moderately rare.

Amenities: Areas that provide facilities such as community centers, proper electric connections, telephone lines, parks, and parking space have an edge in the real estate market. Moreover, developers providing luxury home are offering features such as five-star concierge, helipad, and golf courses and are reformulating the idea of luxury amenities.

Demand and supply: The price of real estate is inversely proportional to its supply. Hence, the more sought-after locality, the higher its property value in the real estate market.

Infrastructure: Infrastructure in the form of flyovers, roads, bus terminals, malls other nearby amenities helps in developing an area’s value. Meanwhile, social infrastructure that extends to health care facilities, educational institutions, entertainment hubs, and retail centers also add demand.

Location: Location is the golden standard of real estate assessment and is undoubtedly the most important factor determining the worth of any locality. Usually, real estate values are the highest at the city’s center and drop as we move to the fringes.

Presence of commercial real estate: The development of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) and offices in the proximity of residential areas help in decreasing traveling time and has a direct impact on the prices of properties in the area.

Based on the above factors, here’s a snapshot of the seven most expensive residential areas in Bengaluru:

Sadashivanagar: This locality is close to central Bengaluru and also reachable to the northern suburbs. Sadashivnagar is a very high profile locality and inarguably the priciest residential locality in Bengaluru. The locality is the chosen address of numerous industrialists, movie actors, and politicians.

With its tree-lined lanes and majestic mansions, the area commands amongst the highest real estate values in Bengaluru. Capital values: Rs 16,000/sq ft

Shanthala Nagar: Shanthala Nagar covers Lavelle Road, Vittal Mallya Road, and Kasturba Road and is a posh area located right in the heart of Bengaluru. Occupied with both old apartments and new commercial establishments. Shantahala Nagar is one of the most esteemed addresses.

Lavelle Road is packed with shopping centers and restaurants and is also home to the historical D’Souza Layout.

Vittal Mallya Road houses some well-known luxury brands and is also home to UB City, as well as many prominent hotels.

Kasturba Road is the address for landmark buildings such as the Venkatappa Art Gallery, Visvesvaraya Museum, Government Museum, and the Kanteerava Stadium. Capital values: Rs 16,000/sq ft

Malleswaram: It is one of the oldest localities in Bengaluru and is located in the north-west part of the city. Malleswaram effortlessly blends the old and the modern and is home to popular retail hubs like Margosa Road and Sampige Road.

The area enjoys good connectivity via BMTC buses and Yeshwanthpur railway stations and recently, Namma Metro. It is mostly occupied by independent homes, and the absence of availability of land parcels has further enriched the locality’s value. Capital values: Rs 12,400/sq ft

Richmond Town: Richmond Town is centrally-located area is a yet another old locality in Bengaluru. The locality is an integral part of Bangalore’s multi-cultural philosophy. Surrounded by schools, hospitals, and recreational centers.

Richmond Town also enjoys close proximity to noticeable retail districts such as MG Road, Brigade Road, and Richmond Road. Along with excellent Metro and road connectivity, the area also boasts of some of the most expensive residential projects in the city. Capital values: Rs 11,000/sq ft

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Haryana government to auction part of Global City land, registration closes on December 13

The Haryana state industrial and infrastructure development corporation (HSIIDC) has decided to auction 100 acres from Global City land pool.

According to HSIIDC officials, latest evaluations for the Global City project have thrown up a constraint of a little over 1,000 acres. Therefore, a portion of land measuring around 100 acres is vacant for other use. The auction will be done in parts, the Haryana government will put 20 acres adjacent to Dwarka Expressway on the block, in the first round to test the market and will then plan the following auctions accordingly.

Registrations of land for the first round of have been opened and the last date of registration is December 13, 2017. The details and procedure for the registration are available on the HSIIDC portal.

Originally, 1,383 acres were acquired for the Global City project which has faced multiple hurdles. The project is yet to be launched. The Manohar Lal Khattar government is keen on launching the project at the earliest.

According to Manoj Pal Singh, additional general manager, HSIIDC and head of the Global City project at HSIIDC, the land comes under mixed-use development and is also applicable for benefits under the transit-oriented development (TOD) policy.

Since it just adjoining the expressway, which is being developed as a national highway, the government hopes the auction will fetch it a good price.

According to sources at the corporation, the land value should be not less than Rs 100 crore going by the prevailing rate of Rs 5 crore per acre. If it is anything less than that, the corporation would not make any considerable margins. The auction will also bring some relief for the corporation, which has been facing financial problems lately.

Talking about the expected price Manoj Pal Singh said, “As of now, we don’t have any idea because different reports are projecting different prices. It is because of this reason that we have kept the reserve price open for the auction.”

According to sources, the HSIIDC has a huge debt of Rs 9,775 crore approximately on account of increased land compensation costs to allottees across main industrial projects. This amount is the sum of all loans taken by the corporation until May 2017 for 18 different industrial projects.

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9 Clever Ideas for better Outdoor Living

These days outdoor living space are not just used during summer days and then tucked away for the other nine months of the year. The outdoor living has become an essential extension of the indoors and keep in mind that creating a relaxing, stylish outdoor living space can really upsurge the appeal and value of your home and provide a retreat for friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors in supreme comfort.

Put Up a gazebo
Describe your outdoor dining area with a gazebo. It will not only make your dining area comfortable for your guests, but the overhead covering will provide shade on sunny days. Hang a few lights from the gazebo for a finishing look that will allow you to prolong using the space after the dusk.

Give your gazebo an outstanding style by painting it bright white. Rather than organizing all the beams in one direction, arranging beams in a zigzag pattern adds interest overhead. Dark bamboo furniture with vivid fabrics provides plenty of contrast.

Create multilevel
A multi level outdoor space gives more options for creating separate areas for dining, entertain and relax.

A gigantic fireplace offers an eye-catching focal point. You can use a variety of seating options such as a dining table, stools, and chairs for cozying up next to the fireplace. This can be the perfect spot for entertain. Any outdoor living space benefits from lots of cozy seating.

Add a Privacy Wall
You can add a wooden wall in your outdoor which serves double duty — offering privacy and providing an attractive splashboard for the outdoor kitchen. Swanky plantings pick up the privacy where the wall leaves off.

Go Bold and vibrant
Choose some bold colors like cherry orange for your outdoor furniture. It is amazing what a can of spray paint can do for old, rusty furniture.

Install a Fountain
A well-designed fountain featuring one simple stream of water is the perfect focal point for a small, sunken outdoor space.

Hang a Tree Swing or a Hammock
A tree swing to sway, spin, and fly through the air. The tire swing is a classic, and hanging it from a tree brings the fun to your own backyard.

A hammock can also be hanged between two perfectly spaced trees. Do not be upset if you do not have trees, you can attach the hammock to a pergola. A hammock stand is another option

Gated Framework
If you want to separate your outdoor space from your entrance but you want to maintain openness, consider a gated framework. You can opt for a smaller, curved-top gate to create parting without obstructing the view. A mix of cool grays and bright whites give the space an elegant and stylish look.

Cover it Up
A solid roof will protect your outdoor space from rain and other elements, permitting the owners to have comfy fabric-covered sofas outside. You can brighten your outdoor space by swapping out throw pillows.

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Affordable ways to winterize your home

It is challenging to conclude what is most unpleasant about winter— the constant cold feet and hands, or the fear of opening a heating bill after a month of leaving the thermostat turned up overnight. Since overwintering for a period of time is not an option, the best way to manage is to make sure your living space stays as warm as possible.

Here are a few simple and reasonable ideas to weatherproof your home for winter:

Close the storm windows are the simplest yet most unnoticed way to keep the cold air out. Be sure that your storm windows are in good shape and closed properly all around your home. Storm windows help to provide an added layer of protection against the cold winter air.

You might be surprised to know that heavier shades or drapes will both enhance your space and add a warm layer between you and the tedious weather outside. If your windows are facing the sun, let the sunlight in and turn on nature’s heater.

You can buy a door draft stopper and place them on your outside doors to help keep away the draft that oozes under the door. You can also buy a plastic “door sweep” that runs along the bottom of the door to seal it.

Protecting your hot water heater saves energy by reducing heat loss through the sides of the water heater by 25-40%, which will help you save currency on your energy bills.

Electrical vents can let a surprising amount of cold air in. You can seal those vents to keep electrical outlets sealed and remove the covers whenever you feel like.

Loading up on insulation is one of the best ways to save your energy bill so add more between your attic floor, walls, and basement ceiling to stay pleasant. The basement probably needs a knowledgeable contractor because of the issues of moisture, which can lead to mold.  You can also seek out greener types of insulation made from recycled materials like newspaper, denim or wool that are formaldehyde-free.

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Studio Apartment or One Bedroom Apartment: Which one is a better option to rent?

Are you planning to rent an apartment on your own? You may be confused on whether you want to live in a one bedroom apartment or in a studio apartment. These days both types of apartments are very popular for single occupants and each one has its own pros.

Here is how to decide whether a one-bedroom apartment is better for you or a studio apartment is the best option.

Reason why you should rent a one bedroom apartment

One-bedroom apartments catch the attention of tenants who wish to have more space and multiple rooms in their apartment. You will have more room to entertain your guest in a one bedroom apartment. The extra space means that your bed and other personal belongings will not be getting in the way (and potentially disappointing you from welcoming friends over). Also, having a living room means you can have a pull-out couch so visiting family members will have a place to stay when they are in town.

Reason why you should rent a studio apartment

Individuals who rent a studio apartment enjoy paying less rent each month, which converts to significant savings year after year.

The simple floor plan of a studio makes it reasonably easy to beautify. Studios are ideal for tenants who don’t have many possessions that they need to display or keep handy in their apartment.

When everything you own is placed in the same room, it is much easier to keep track of and find what you need. Staying in studio apartment forces you to prioritize what you really need and love so you eliminate the rest.

You should decide if you need the upgrade

Thinking between renting a one-bedroom apartment or a studio apartment boils down to thinking of a one-bedroom apartment as an upgrade (since it costs more) and deciding whether the upgrade is worth to you.

As you read in the article above, one-bedroom apartments offer certain advantages in return for the higher rent, but these advantages are not helpful to every occupant.

Also, some occupants who have enough money for a one-bedroom apartment choose they would have a preference, or at least would not mind, living in a studio apartment. If this is your condition, look for a studio that offers excellent views of your city or a nearby park or lake, or in a building that offers more facilities.


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