Find out why Residents have fallen in love with us. We have connected them. We have solved their issues. Different cities. Different challenges.
Hear them as they share their Groups story of how it has changed the meaning of community living for them. We worked together, transformed their residential complex, and we are friends for life.

Tracking expenses and verifying residents was a big challenge before we implemented CommonFloor Groups

How to keep expenditure in control on an yearly basis was a serious concern. Given the size of our apartment,, verifying valid residents of the community was another big issue. The Accounting and Resident Directory modules of CommonFloor Groups solved our two big pain points. Now there is transparency in terms of where management committee spends the money and what benefit is drawn out of that expenditure.

We were looking for a solution to unify our community and CommonFloor Groups was most apt solution for that.

To unify the entire housing community on one platform, to manage assets and parking slots of the community, we were looking out for a long-term solution and thankfully, came across CommonFloor groups, which was exactly what we wanted. Features like Discussion Forums, Sub-Groups,Parking Manager and Asset Manager etc solved our key problems. Now, the entire community is connected together on a single platform.

Data Security was a big concern among residents and CommonFloor Groups addressed it well

Thawte certification and secure cloud hosting at CommonFloor Groups gave us the confidence that our contact details will not be prone to privacy breach. Resident data safety is not a concern anymore.

Roles and responsibilities were not clear among management committee members before CommonFloor Groups came in

This caused a lot of confusion and complaints were unattended because of unclear division of work. The CommonFloor Groups Member management and Committee management modules solved it for us.
Now, residents know whom to contact for what purpose. This way we can avoid unnecessary involvement of many people before the issue gets addressed.

Transparency of expenditures was essential to the society, and CommonFloor Groups understood that well

Managing the expenses of society, transparency about the expenditures to the residents was important, specially for financial audits. CommonFloor Groups Money manager module and discussion board and Poll features solved it for us. CommonFloor Groups helped the Management Committee in building confidence among community residents and successfully completing tasks undertaken during their tenure.

Keeping non-residing owners informed was troublesome, till we implemented CommonFloor Groups

There was difficulty in establishing communication with the non-residing owners about current ongoing updates and issues raised in the residential community. Communication concerns were met effectively by CommonFloor Groups Discussion board, Poll, Email & SMS features.
Now, non-residing owners are informed about all the issues and progress in residential community and are given the option to participate in various decision-making processes.

Tracking maintenance dues was a big pain before CommonFloor Groups

Initially, one member from the managing committee had to personally visit each resident to collect the maintenance dues. Still, there were cases of default of payment in our apartment community. CommonFloor Groups Money Manager coupled with the Online Payment Gateway and Instant SMS reminder tracking solved it for us.
VS Cozy is now a transparent and well-connected community with very few cases of default in maintenance dues payment.

Managing invoices was difficult and CommonFloor Groups saved us the hassle

Issuing invoices to residents against their payment and tracking of maintenance due payments was very difficult. CommonFloor Groups Money Manager along with Payment Gateway helped us. Now, be it a resident or management committee, Money Manager has helped us in maintaining transparency along with quick availability of information.

Participation of community members was insufficient, CommonFloor Groups brought everyone together

Earlier, the participation of community members was insufficient on various important issues.
Also, as a treasurer, I used to get overloaded with tasks related to maintaining various accounting books and work used to get doubled during the auditing season. CommonFloor Discussion board, Email & SMS feature, Polls and Accounting modules along with the Money manager were very helpful.
We now have a very active community.

Issues went un-tracked and accounting was troublesome before we switched to CommonFloor Groups

Because of a slow communication channel, many of the complaints/issues remained unheard.
The CommonFloor Groups Issue Tracker module also solved it for us. Initially accounting was troublesome as it involved too much paper work. Our community accounting system shifted from Tally to CommonFloor Groups Accounting Complaints/Issues are raised and fixed by management committee immediately.